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Image Styler 1.0

XYZ Software is proud to present Image Styler v1.0, an easy...

XYZ Software is proud to present Image Styler v1. 0, an easy to use desktop tool for modifying,styling your image files. Image Styler v1. 0; designed as a powerful and user-friendly tool that will enable you to apply more than 30 effects to your image files, modify,copy,morph multiple images fast and accurately.

Apart from all other tools on market Image Styler is capable of creating multiple images from a single source file with a single click. For example if you want to prepare a rotating image animation just give the source image to Image Styler,specify the number of frames to be created and specify the rotating angle for each frame and click the create button.

The program will output all the frame images individually and place them on the thumbnail panel. Image Styler handles the following popular image file formats ;GIF, CGM, CRI, TIFF, DICOM, CUT, FPX, IMG,JPEG,KDC,PCD,PICT,PSP,PBM,PGM,PNG,PPM,SGI,TIFF, TARGA,ICO,EMF,WMF,RLE,BMP,DIB,WPG,PCXMain features of Image Styler are as follows; Automatic creation of multiple images.

Animated Gif Creator wizard. Printing Images. Converting between various types of image formats. Enhanced Color modifying options like Palette editing,Inverting,Threshold(Multiple Images),Brightness / Contrast,Gamma Correction,Modifying color depth,Greyscaling,splitting and combining color channels (CIE,CMYK,HSV,RGB,YCbCr,YIQ,NTSC,YUV,PAL).

Histogram adjustment,Equalization,Luminance Equalization,Stretching. Applying predefined or custom filters. Enhanced image transformation like Stretching,Flip,Mirror,Rotate,Deskew for Multiple Images.

Image Morphing. Image Math. Easy to use and integrate with third party programs or other programs from XYZSoftware. Easy-to-use interface. ;Image Styler v1.

0; intended to be used by all levels of computer users. It will be a ;must have tool; for all kinds of grapic creators, animators, intermediate and professional web designers.

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